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Promo FSOA Student Level Access with FS Membership (BFF Tutorials Set)

Fresco School (FS) Membership – $349 Onetime Membership Enrollment fee (includes BFF Video Tutorials DVD Set $325) + FS OnLine Apprentice (FSOA) Student Level Trial Access Subscription for the first 3 month followed by PRE-RELEASE Promotional price of $24 every 3 months (that is only $8 per month). Regular price for FSOA Student Level Access Subscription is $27 per month.

Fresco School (FS) Membership includes:

1. Buon Fresco Foundations Tutorials DVD Set (5 DVD Volumes – $325 Value)

2. Free phone consultation with iLia Anossov (fresco) every 6 month (invaluable 😉

3. 5% Fresco Materials Discount at the

FS OnLine Apprentice (FSOA) Student Level Access includes

– FSOA Student Level Lessons
– FSOA Student Level Study and Practice Guide Classrooms
– FSOA Student Level Video Tutorials and Video Lessons
– Discussion Forums
– Fresco School Apprentice Newsletter
– PRIVATE CLASSROOM Forum with reduced prices for per-instance PRIVATE CLASSROOM Features (Consultations, Reviews, Personalized Curriculums) and/or low cost Subscription option for PRIVATE CLASSROOM services.

– All FSOA Freshman Level features

BFF Video Tutorials Set contains over 10 hours of narrated direct footage (running speed is 150% of the real time) over 3 hours of visual information (diagrams, charts, lists etc.) as well as extensive lecture notes and tips. Detailed description of the BFF Video Tutorials Set is at
    • Product Price: 3 month trial for $349.00 USD, $24.00 USD every 3 months
    • Shipping Price:
    • Total Price:

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