Fresco Painting Demo and Introduction to Fresco Workshop Setup

Teach a beginner Fresco Workshop or offer a Fresco Painting Demo.

ilia fresco lecturing at the fresco schoolYou should look into teaching a fresco workshop or offering a fresco demo or presentation at a different venues.

Teaching an introduction to fresco workshop or giving a fresco painting demo is the best way to test your skill and understanding of the medium. Teaching a class puts you as close to the onsite work as possible and provides an opportunity to solve an array of situations and problems that your students will encounter all at once as oppose to one at the time. In addition offering a class or a demo will set you apart from the crowd – which is quite a boost for gaining recognition and publicity. You are fully capable of doing that using BFF Video Tutorials Set as the reference and guide to building up your class syllabus.

Here is the checklist I use, including sample handouts that I use for my fresco workshops at the Getty.

My Getty Introduction to Fresco Workshop/demo List

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  1. This all looks great – I am just now able to start going through the DVDs and begin practicing – thank you very much–I look forward to following and learning – as I go I will give you feedback

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