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Project Mexico Fresco at the Project Mexico St. Innocent Orphanage. (www.ProjectMexico.org)

Interior Wall Surface ~ 2670 sq. ft Exterior Wall Surface ~ 1660 sq.ft. Altar Area Ceiling ~ 750 sq. ft.

It is estimated that over 1500 gallons of lime will be used.

Onsite Fresco Workshops Distemper, Casein Tempera and Egg Tempera Workshops – all elements of creation from wall prep to painting:

– Wall Building – Plaster – Concept Developing – Cartoon – Variant Studies – Orthodox Iconography – Fresco Painting – Egg Tempera

Open to Fresco School Members ONLY – Online tutoring and Access to work documents and inside records progress reports and visual documentation (via FS Online Apprentice Subscription), workshops and apprentice opportunities with participation in all stages of works with onsite accommodations.

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Scheduled onsite works for 2017: – Quick Lime slaking for base layers and aging – Arriccio – Cartoon Refinement for both walls – Sinopia on both walls – Full Scale Buon Fresco Color Studies of all elements – Giornata Painting of both walls To join us on site – schedule an interview below.

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Project Mexico and St Innocent Orphanage is a Charitable Non-Profit Organization. Sheila Bergman has donated 30 gallons of aged slaked lime putty which we just received – perfect gift for our April needs. Thank you Sheila and other donors for making this fresco a reality from all of us at the Fresco School and Project Mexico!
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