About Fresco School OnLine Apprentice Program

iLia Fresco teaching fresco workshop at the Getty Institute

iLia Fresco at JP Getty Museum

I am iLia Anossov (fresco) the founder and head instructor of the Fresco School. Welcome to the FS OnLin Apprentice Program, together with the fresco school experts, I will guide you all the way from “before the hands on” fresco workshop, support after the class and into you own fresco project or help you through your learning curve virtually and on the phone.


About Fresco School & FSOA Program

FSOA Program (frescoschool.net) provides followup support, vocational programs and academic resources for students/members of the Fresco School and introductory fresco painting lessons to artists and general public.

FSOA Program participants have access to video lessons, guides, fresco painting certification courses, discussion forums and resource galleries on fresco painting technique and medium. Members have open access to past and ongoing fresco projects’ documentation, consultations with fresco school experts, workshops and onsite and offsite apprenticeship opportunities, individual mentorship, discounts on fresco painting materials as well as financial aid tuition funding options.

Currently 3 Levels are open for registration.

FSOA Freshman – free registration, open to all.
FSOA Student – monthly subscription open to FS Members (FS Membership)
FSOA Apprentice – monthly subscription open to FS Members with “Fresco Foundations Certificate”


FSOA Freshman I FSOA Student I FSOA Apprentice


Our History

ilia fresco lecturing at the fresco schoolWe did start the same way about 25 years ago – a 600 years old “articles” from the “Cennini’s Treatise of Painting” by Cennino Cennini, an early 20th century book by an unknown author found at the yard sale and prior introduction to fresco from a Russian Art School.

Since then there were several large scale frescoes and numerous smaller ones. Hundreds of students have attended our workshops enrolling from US, Canada, Europe. Fresco School is the only Art School that offers ongoing fresco curriculum throughout the calendar year. Our buon fresco technique programs have traveled to many US cities. We teach our outreach classes in major museums, art colleges and at the professional art industry events.

Our fresco video tutorials were created by our founder after over 20 years of practicing fresco on a large and small scale as well as teaching fresco painting to all levels of artists. Our fresco tutorials enable artists to begin the study with a clear understanding of the medium, terminology and process. You will be able to take full advantage of our advanced fresco programs after watching the tutorials (yes, tutorials enable you to work on your own successfully and with confidence).

Our method and approach is style independent. Every student receives a personal curriculum based on their work and aspirations. We use a variety of traditional fresco styles to illustrate the principles and technical details. Our goal is to enable and assist you in adapting your own style to a new medium, to propel your career, and to enhance your art through fresco. Our goal is “To see fresco being painted in every town!” and we don’t want them to look the same 🙂

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