Get Started [002]: What is Fresco Painting?

The Lime Cycle and the Fresco Medium (the process).The key to understanding the medium of fresco is the Lime Cycle:
This illustrated guide will outline the main concept of the fresco medium, its process, historical perspective, techniques.

Slaked Lime is mixed with the inert aggregate such as, any and all – sand, crashed marble, pozzolan (tuff – consolidated volcanic ash), etc. General mixing proportion is one (lime) to two (aggregate), however proportions may vary based on style or application. The work must be completed during the formation of the Calcium Carbonate.



1 – The Medium of Fresco – Carbon Based Art for Carbon Based Life

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4 thoughts on “Get Started [002]: What is Fresco Painting?

    1. Thanks a million!
      We use a Style and Form Independent approach, further articles/lessons and guides address technical aspects of the fresco medium and use variety of “styles” and “form” to illustrate the specifics

  1. This is very informative and helpful! this helps me understand the differences of slaked lime putty as opposed to dolomitic slaked lime and slaked lime putty that has a higher purity of calcium carbonite with lower magnesium particles in it for it be a true fresco material for painting. I have slaked lime putty but it is dolomitic slaked lime. It will make for wonderful practice lime putty.

    Also, this section on Fresco painting with natural pigments and its very important role in true fresco painting and coloring is very helpful!

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