Fresco Painting Curriculum Subjects

What is a Personalized Fresco Painting Curriculum?

At the beginning and as you progress, it is next to impossible to know or guess which subjects are the most viable to you. To define a sequence (order) they should be studied in is even harder! We Will Help! Each student’s curriculum and study plan is individually crafted by Fresco School’s experts.
(for example – it is impossible to understand why the colors are “muddy” without first learning when the plaster is ready to be painted on – in other words if you get “muddy” colors that means that you have missed one of the plastering lessons).

List of Subjects:

  • Fresco Plaster Foundations
  • Fresco Cartoon Foundations, Form and Value Range Principles
  • Fresco Pigments & Paint Foundation
  • Fresco Verdaccio Foundations
  • Fresco Color Foundations
  • Worldwide History of Fresco
  • Forms of Art in relation to Fresco (mural, ceiling mural, painting-panel, sculpture)
  • Styles in relation to Fresco – their affect on the technical application of the medium of fresco
  • Fresco Plaster Variations and Sgraffito
  • Fresco Cartoon for Sgraffito
  • Opaque, Transparent and Combined Fresco Methods
  • Fresco PLASTER – for Opaque, Transparent, Airbrush and Combined (Renaissance) methods
  • Fresco Cartoon for Opaque, Transparent, Airbrush and Combined (Renaissance) methods
  • Transparent – fresco methods (Rivera/Pompeii)
  • Opaque – fresco method
  • Combined – renaissance fresco method
  • Airbrush – fresco method (Siqueiros)
  • Mezzo Fresco Techniques
  • Support for Frescoes – Walls, Panels, Tiles, Clay Lath and 3d
  • Strappo – fresco removal methods
  • Secco Fresco methods

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