Get Started [001]: Get Organized.

How to get started with fresco painting.This guide will answer the question about how to get started with fresco painting in a fast and easy way.

First step is to get organized and ready – You will be dealing with fresco plaster, drawing (cartoon), natural and lime stable synthetic pigments selection, fresco paint preparation and actual painting.

1. Designate and Set Up the “Plaster Area”:

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2 thoughts on “Get Started [001]: Get Organized.

    1. Thanks a Million!
      I am working on the advanced lesson for the next level – for the owners of BFF Video Tutorials. Once this level is tested, we will open BSOA Student level. Current owners of the BFF Tutorials, will get a free pass during the testing phase.

      For the moment – set comes with a free consultation (you can clear some advanced techniques with me) – here is a little guide on how to request it:

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