Get Started [003]: Practice Lime Putty.

Practice Lime Putty

Practice Lime Putty

Build up your fresco plastering skills at the minimum cost!

To gain experience in plastering at a minimal cost it is possible to prepare a “Practice Lime Putty” from common Type-S Hydrated Construction Lime.
Type-S Hydrated Lime is manufactured from Dolomitic Limestone (Dolomitic limestone contains 35 to 46 percent magnesium carbonate).

Being a great lime to practice fresco plaster application techniques, this lime is NOT suitable for the actual painting in fresco due to high content of magnesium which leads to fast setting, poor adhesion/binding of colors and efforescence on the color layer. However, it is widely used in construction (for which it was developed and manufactured: Type-S stands for “Special”) and is available at very low cost almost at any building supplies retailer.

1 – How To Prepare Lime Putty from powdered Type-S Hydrated Constriction Lime?

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2 thoughts on “Get Started [003]: Practice Lime Putty.

    1. Marmorino is a mixture of Lime Putty and Fine Marble meal (powder), classic proportion is 1X1 plus – small amounts of other ingredients like oil and/or soap which are vary from craftsman to craftsman and are the trade secrets.

      And yes, technically practice lime putty can be used for preparation of marmorino.

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